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Work View II

...and I am working...

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Today's Launch

Felipe (red t-shirt) is going leave our company today.

Going to Work

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Those cars are protectig who?

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Barcas S. A.

This picture shows what happens if there is a eletric breakdown.
That pearson (posted bellow) have to take note of every 'rio cards' that did not pass because of the eletric problem. Conclusion: I'll arraive late at work...

Barcas S. A.

That pearson wearing an orange jacket seems to be doing his job, but he is not.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Cabling Class nº 2

The picture is not good, but try to make a rack look like that...
Other thing is: try to imagine how many information are passing through these cables at that second!

Cabling Class nº 1

Anyone who worked with (F)Ethernet knows how difficult is doing something like this.
Look at that!

Datacenter II

The 'game' never stops.



Work view!

Where everything happens

My working place!

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Only for my profile, don't be afraid!


My first post!